Every trumpet is unique.


You might prefer a reverse lead pipe, an open finger hook, or even a raw brass finish - there are thousands of configurations and several brands to choose from! How do you know what to purchase? If you're a parent, you probably don't even know where to begin.

Well, don't worry - we've featured several of the best trumpet brands below, just for you!



scodwell usa

Throughout his renowned career, Tony Scodwell has established a reputation as a master craftsman and one of the greatest trumpet players of our time. In addition to creating his own line of custom-built trumpets and flugelhorns, he boasts a long list of accomplishments throughout his life-long career as a musician. Check out the Scodwell USA website below, and find a retailer near you!


pickett brass | blackburn trumpets

Blackburn trumpets are crafted with an extremely high attention to detail. The performance of their trumpet pistons are unparalleled due to precise fitting and hand lapping. The quality speaks for itself in their fully hand-hammered bells and craftsman built slides that offer smooth and effortless movement. Check out their line of trumpets by clicking the button below.


vincent bach

Vincent Shrotenbach was born in Vienna in 1890, and initially received training on violin - he subsequently switched to trumpet when he heard its majestic sound. Performing under his stage name "Vincent Bach", he established musical success throughout Europe. In 1924, his first Bach trumpets were produced. Musicians frequently referred to a Bach trumpet as a real ‘Stradivarius’, which evolved into "Bach Stradivarius". The Vincent Bach line is now owned by Conn-Selmer, but Vincent Bach remains the most well-known trumpet line in history. Check out their line of trumpets below!


yamaha trumpets

The Yamaha brand trademark, YAMAHA, comes from the name of their founder Torakusu Yamaha, who pioneered the production of Western musical instruments in Japan. Born to a family of a Kishu Tokugawa (today's Wakayama Prefecture) clansman, Torakusu was captivated by Western science and technology from early on. Yamaha trumpets are some of the most consistent and reliable horns in the industry for trumpet students around the world. Check out their line of trumpets at your local retailer, or visit their website below!