Marc Thonnissen

Marc Thonnissen_Profile Photo.png

Marc began studying the trumpet at the age of eighteen. His close friends encouraged him throughout his early years, having been professional musicians themselves. He soon developed a passion for playing the trumpet. 

Whilst in his teens he played in various bands including “Flora Symphony Orchstra”, “The Quirinus Band & Bugle Corps”, “High Five Brass Quintet” and the Party and Cover Band “Die Kleinenbroicher”. 

In 2011 Marc was given the enviable opportunity to study and advance his big band skills with the world-famous trumpet player Thomas Inderka. Marc also studied with the international trumpet legend, Gábor Tarkövi, one of the worlds best classical and solist trumpet players. 

Marc was the principal trumpet player for the Quirinus Band and Bugle Corps. Regularly appearing on many Military Tattoos. Marc is a well a respected Trumpet teacher and has been teaching for many years. 

He also teaches online via Skype for pupils around the world. 

Marc´s extensive touring has seen visits to various parts of Europe. Marc has performed at some of the best venues in the world. Marc has performed with many artists throughout his career.