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International Trumpet Guild


The International Trumpet Guild (ITG), is the conference for trumpet players around the world. Each year, ITG holds a 4-day conference for trumpet players of every caliber, from beginners looking for inspiration to professionals looking to network. It's an incredibly exciting event for all involved, and the conference is packed with concerts, masterclasses, and every major music vendor in the world. Anybody who's anybody (who plays the trumpet) will be there.

Not only does ITG host an annual conference each year, but it also publishes a quarterly magazine, the ITG Journal (available in print or digitally), as well as a yearly CD/DVD for its members. The magazine and CD/DVD's are exclusive to members of the International Trumpet Guild, and are not available to the public.

If you want to be a part of the largest trumpet organization in the world, then visit the official ITG website by clicking below!