Teach. Smile. Repeat.


When you're a trumpet teacher, you experience the joy of watching your students learn and get better. It's one of the most rewarding feelings in the world; join the movement, and pass your knowledge to a new student!


Why join?


One of the most difficult parts of being a trumpet teacher is finding private students. It seems that less and less musicians go into private teaching because not enough students want to take private lessons. The truth is, they don't know where to find us!



Join thousands of teachers all over the globe.

Whether you choose to teach virtually or in person, TRUMPET PLACE provides the platform for students to find you where you are. Help parents learn about your location, your schooling, credentials, and any other information to help them make a decision.

You'll even get your own fancy webpage, right here at TrumpetPlace.com!


Teach the trumpet, right where you are.

(Oh yeah, did we mention the one-year free trial period? Check it out.)